RVTech s.r.o

Bendova 12 - výdejní místo


We are a young company founded in 2014, bringing together a team of enthusiastic technicians and developers. We mainly base ourselves on the reliability and innovation of the services and products we provide, and we all connect with the cooperation of UWB and their students.

Area of ​​action

We are engaged in the construction of optical and metal networks, ICT outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises with the provision of telecommunication services.

In addition to these activities, we also deal with the development of the IoT - Internet of Things system. In this technologically interesting area, we build our own network on the territory of the statutory city of Pilsen with LoRa 868MHz technology and we develop our own wireless battery powered sensors usable for measuring environmental environments, monitoring the occupancy of parking spaces, monitoring the availability of waste containers and locating moving objects.

We run this E-shop where we sell both our own and our own products.

Contact informations


Bendova 12, Plzeň


+420 702 123 173